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Portraits (oil on canvas) on request / rules of the game

1 - Collect any number of pictures of the person(s) of whom you would like to have a portrait painted.
2 - Search for objects that are characteristic for the person(s), their life or their personality (no limits).
(I.e. a car, pipe, guitar, trainers bicycle or a book. One could also think of a 'motto', a favourite poem, a piece of music, childhood hero, idol, etc.)
3 - Think about the place where the painting(s) eventually will be exposed.
4- Give me a call, drop me a line or send an e-mail to make an appointment.

Boulevard 3
2225 AA Katwijk aan Zee
The Netherlands

Tel. +31 71-4077771

Ofcourse instead of ordering a portret you can also order something completely different.
The paintings below for example were made after a request to paint 'sea'.

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